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Over the past several years, primarily since the Covid-19 pandemic we have engaged in a number of key food support research projects. 


BRITE Box is a scheme run by Voices of Hope through local schools. We carried out a 360° evaluation of BRITE Box in Kingston and Southwark, exploring experiences and views of families, volunteers, organisers and funders of the scheme, as well as school staff and suppliers. 


Social/Community Supermarkets

Social supermarkets (SSM) are characterised as not-for-profit social enterprises that sell mostly food, at low or symbolic prices to those living near or in poverty. We have carried out general research into the SSM phenomenon as well as in-depth evaluations of two specific SSM

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BRITE Box London Met

We sought to ease the cost-of-living crisis burden with the implementation of an innovative scheme BRITE Box, which provides a complete set of pre-weighed ingredients for a healthy nutritious meal with an easy-to-follow recipe guide. To date we have distributed 170 boxes in a period of five months.

Brite Box London Met Project.png

Real Junk Food Project

This project utilises surplus food from supermarkets to reduce food waste whilst simultaneously offering support to those who need it. Our research team was asked to evaluate the offer at all three sites by the organisers.

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