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BRITE Box Project

BRITE Box is a scheme run by Voices of Hope through local schools. Children enrolled in BRITE Box are sent a weekly recipe box prepared by volunteers, with pre-weighed ingredients and a child-friendly recipe card, sufficient to feed a family of five. The programme aims to support the family but help develop cookery skills and confidence of children, embedding healthy food habits and encouraging families to cook and eat together.


We carried out a 360° evaluation of BRITE Box in Kingston and Southwark, exploring experiences and views of families, volunteers, organisers and funders of the scheme, as well as school staff and suppliers. Using bespoke questionnaires and interview guides co-developed with BRITE Box organisers, we collated information and evaluated the findings. In addition, we carried out a nutritional analysis of the recipes.

You can find our report HERE.

Since our first report, we have continued our research of the BRITE Box scheme. Reccently, we launhced a new initiative investigating the different ways in which school implment the scheme (universal,

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