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Social Supermarkets

Social supermarkets, more common on the continent, have been evolving in the UK particularly since the pandemic. They offer food choices from a limited product range, and at a lower price. By offering choice and the option of payment (some require payment), they are considered a more dignified model of food support and potentially offer nutritional benefits. Over the past three years we undertook research to understand the views of those using community supermarkets, using bespoke questionnaires co-developed with the organisers and carrying out semi-structured interviews with members.


You can read more about our findings in two evaluation reports we preapred:

Social Supermarket Evaluation 2023

Social Supermerket Evaluation 2022

And, in our peer reviewed publications:

Access, dignity, and choice: social supermarkets and the end of the food bank model in the UK?

Social supermarkets, nutritional implications and healthy eating: exploration of members and their views (2023)


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